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7 Steps to Recover Data from a Water Damaged Hard Drive

Hard drive water damage is a common problem for both work and home computers. You could lose important information, waste valuable time, and even have to replace your hard drive. Take the time to learn about this issue and the steps to recover a water damaged hard drive, so you stand a better chance of successfully recovering your hard drive any time it gets wet.


#Virtual-ception : All You Need To Know About VMware

  In 2010 the world was mesmerized by Christopher Nolan’s Inception. This movie was so well received by the general public that shortly after its release “*insert noun here*- ception” became a prevalent phrase when referring to mind-blowing concepts that bend reality right before our very eyes. One of the more recent mind blowing “ceptions” is…


Ask a New Orleans Tech: How Safe is Public Wi-Fi?

At this point in the 21st century, “What is the Wi-Fi password,” is an instinctual phrase for kids of all ages. And let’s be honest, most of you adults also have acquired this learned behavior as well. The real question is though, does either party know what is at stake while they surf the web on public…

Why Outsource Your Small Business’ IT Support?

The Biggest IT Support Question All Small Businesses Face: In-House or Outsource IT Staff Every small business faces the tough choice of whether to hire their own IT staff or outsource the work to an outside IT consulting company. The immediate need for IT support often leads businesses to choose in-house options, but this is…