We are pleased to share that Channel Futures has recognized Guardian Computer on its list of the world’s 101 fastest growing managed service providers.

Channel Futures is a media, marketing, communications, and networking giant in the IT industry. Of the 501 MSPs from around the globe already recognized by Channel Futures in 2021 for their innovation, technical excellence, efficiency, and client satisfaction, just 101 were selected after careful review for this special recognition.

Guardian Computer is honored to be acknowledged for our growth and scalability in the IT industry, especially since these have been goals of ours since our founding 25 years ago. “We have experienced growth, whether small or large, every single year for 25 years,” said our CEO, John Prejean.

We owe this success to our commitment to trustworthy client relationships, outstanding client results, and above-and-beyond customer service. As one of our clients, Blake Couch, the Chief Operating Officer of Legacy Environmental, puts it, “The decision to move our IT services to Guardian Computer was one of the best things we have done as a company. Not only did it take that burden off of our internal team, but it also allowed us to grow faster and easier as an organization.”

Our hardworking, dedicated team has made it all possible, allowing us to expand our business and serve clients across industries both locally and nationally. As a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, Cisco Registered Partner, and Dell EMC Authorized Partner, among others, we are always looking for opportunities to innovate and make the most of our clients’ technology. In addition to ranking as one of the fastest growing MSPs, Channel Futures has also ranked Guardian Computer #23 in its South Central regional rankings and #4 in our home state of Louisiana.

According to our CEO, the most exciting part of Guardian Computer’s future is potential growth. One especially appealing area for us is working with more private equity backed companies, which can bring with them great opportunities for networking, connection, and significant growth.

We’d like to thank Channel Futures once again for this recognition, as well as all of our clients and employees for their trust and for giving us the opportunity to achieve this success.