Guardian delivers holistic solutions for your IT infrastructure

The energy sector utilizes highly complex, capital-intensive, and state-of-the-art technology to drive business outcomes. These organizations also have the added responsibility of rigorous compliance requirements for cybersecurity and disaster recovery planning. These organizations need IT solutions that ensure compliance and a high-performance IT infrastructure to safeguard against downtime.  

The data on the hard disk is always more important than the hardware that houses it. Energy businesses rely on computer systems heavily and need to protect their critical, irreplaceable electronic information. 

Enhanced security does not mean spending $$$ on cybersecurity when attacks happen, rather, an investment in layered safeguards by holistically monitoring an IT infrastructure can limit substantial downtime and millions of dollars in damages.   

We make sure that Oil and Gas networks are protected. We give our clients a properly designed and configured network that adheres to compliance standards that protect energy business from cyber threats. 

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Hurricane Ida – Disaster Recovery

Oil and Gas organizations have rigorous compliance requirements for cybersecurity and disaster recovery planning. Guardian Computer’s client in Southern Louisiana had their office decimated with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida in 2021. The client’s cabling was destroyed, and the office had significant downtime right after the hurricane. 

Challenge: This organization needed immediate assistance from GC to ensure that their systems would be back online as soon as possible. GC worked with various vendors to get the client’s system back up and running, all the while responding to the client’s team members to help with their individualized IT needs.  

  • Worked with client to get all workstations online and assisted user getting the laptops online for remote access.
  • Had the client’s server successfully running on the cloud
  • Went onsite to set up network equipment resolve issues 
  • Set up VPN access for secure remote connections 


“Thank you all for everything!!!!  I’m sure I left some of you out but not on purpose.  I can’t thank you all enough for EVERYTHING you all have done!”

– Peggy L.


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Oil and Gas organizations require layered protection that goes beyond just the endpoint. In 2022 Guardian partnered with Cynet in delivering Extended Detection and Response to our clients. This solution helps provide holistic protection from malicious networks and manages the perimeter of IT infrastructure.