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Let us lock it down for you.

Online, professional hackers and cyber-terrorists are trained to notice even the slightest vulnerability in a website to steal something more valuable than cash, personal data. Antivirus developers increase our defenses, but just like the flu, hackers adapt to our new immunities dispersing new ransomware, viruses, malware, phishing and denial of service (DOS). At Guardian Computer, we lock down your network and rigorously analyze it for any security risks or vulnerabilities. We know that a security breach can have a catastrophic impact on your business’ profits and operations. That’s why we are always proactive about gaining insights into new attacks and the security designed to block them and apply them to your company’s infrastructure so you never even have to think about cyber threats.

Wherever your industry lies, you know the agony of learning about a new or updated regulatory compliance. Our teams have extensive knowledge on the unique regulatory challenges that each industry faces. Whether your healthcare agency needs HIPAA and HITECH compliance or your accounting firm needs to fit in the guidelines imposed by the US PATRIOT Act, CCAR, FINRA, CFPB or OCC, we have you covered. From the very start, our security consultants evaluate your organization’s processes to ensure they are compliant, risk-free and have the controls in place necessary to be ready for changes in policy.

We’ve got you covered when the unthinkable happens. Whether your data is compromised from a hardware failure, malware, natural disaster or just a clumsy employee, we can get it back. Data is the fuel for your business and needs to be protected at all costs. That’s why we implement a routine backup and disaster recovery (BDR) system that physically and virtually backs up your data so it can never be permanently compromised or destroyed.

Guardian Computer has partnered with Cynet to provide Extended Detection and Response (XDR), delivering Autonomous Breach Protection to your business with a full stack security suite for improved protection, detection, and remediation. The XDR Autonomous Breach Protection offers a singular solution for your security needs. With this streamlined approach, Guardian can now monitor and control all the ongoing routine activities in order to reduce the potential entry points of attack. If a breach is detected, the autonomous protection can orchestrate a response by investigating the root cause and scope while eradicating all malicious artifacts from the environment.

To put it simply, the most devastating security incidents happen due to human error. The most effective training programs mitigate human error by teaching employees the basics of what proper security behaviors are, why information security matters, how to identify social engineering attacks, the importance of setting strong passwords, using two-factor authentication, protecting physical devices, and appropriate use of company resources. Our Security Awareness Training programs give employees practice in applying this knowledge and they revising these topics regularly.

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