Stay ahead of the curve by forming a strong IT partnership with Guardian

Manufacturing is one of the hardest changing industries of the technological age. To stand out and succeed in manufacturing, you must face global competition, behemoth mergers and acquisitions, the complexity of tightening supply chains and the necessity of technology-driven business models. As the lines of what manufacturing used to mean blur, you need to utilize the ever-increasing capabilities of technological software, applications and networking systems. You need to form a strong IT partnership to stay ahead of the curve. That’s where we come in.

We help on not just the desktop but the peripherals surrounding all the IT end points. Our solution ties to all the different IT systems to build a holistic approach that helps keep the IT infrastructure healthy and secure.  

Integrate state-of-the-art systems to improve the speed of your processes and the simplicity of your network.

Never suffer the loss of productivity and profit due to server downtime with instant data-backups and alternative server support.

Optimize support for manufacturing applications like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) with performance boosting and space-saving storage infrastructures.

Get instant and secure access to your data, networks, and reports from anywhere on any device.

Enhance communication systems with your clients and coworkers on job sites or on the road with regularly updated network applications and data-sharing tools.

Never lose your valuable data to file corruption, human error or natural disaster with our two-tier server backup and redundancy solutions.

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Support Beyond the Desktop

Manufacturing organizations are tasked with managing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System as means to track business resources such as —cash, raw materials, production capacity—and the status of business commitments: orders, purchase orders, and payroll. Essentially it is the backbone of a manufacturing business. These organizations need IT solutions that tie all those specific information systems together and provide management with visibility into these data insights.

Challenge: Guardian Computer’s manufacturing client in Chicago, IL needed assistance with connecting their bar code scanners in their plant to their brand-new ERP system. GC developed the IT infrastructure that allowed for this connection to happen and ensured that the scanners were connected to the other cloud-based applications.  

  • Set up wireless access points 
  • Ensured that the bar code scanners were synchronized with the ERP system. 
  • Provide relief to the folks working in the plant.

“I have nothing but praise for Guardian Computer.  They don’t quit until they solve all my problems be it a StarShip shipping issue, Great Plains, Accellos or printer issues.  There are days I would get nothing done without him”

– Barbara N.

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Our team is adept at workflow automation, which is important to manufacturing clients as they are dealing with multiple sources of data and tying that together. Our team uses our relationship and expertise in Microsoft to build power applications and automations to have data come together to build further insights to create a system that is constantly improving.