2021 was another productive year for Guardian Computer. We celebrated 25 years of revolutionary service for 117 clients in 15 states. Since the beginning, our team has offered intelligent problem-solving and a diverse skill set to companies looking for anything from fully managed IT services to disaster recovery.

This year, we managed more than 1,500 computers and an additional 1,000 mobile devices. Our purpose is to deliver reliable, secure, and stress-free IT services to businesses that depend on technology for their success. Hurricane Ida was a catastrophic event for us in southeast Louisiana in 2021. Our dedicated team continued supporting our clients – even while evacuated.

Hurricane Ida Clean Up

Natural disasters can disrupt the technology you need to run your business. Hurricane Ida was no different. However, if your business is waste management, downtime is not an option. Guardian Computer assisted a local landfill with getting their systems fully functional as quickly as possible.

Hurricane Ida made landfall on Sunday, August 29, 2021 and heavily damaged the landfill. The scale house was hit hardest by the storm which is where the servers were located.  Everything within the entire facility relied on the damaged server pictured. Adding to the stressful situation, by law, the landfill had to be operational in just a few days to accept storm debris.

Guardian Computer maintained support for the facility while evacuated. The team had to find a way to reconfigure the landfill’s systems. By Tuesday, August 31, the support team at Guardian Computer migrated servers to the cloud and setup the necessary infrastructure in a temporary location.

A category 4 hurricane hit on a Sunday, and by the following Monday, the landfill was back to fully operational. Guardian Computer understands the impact of natural disasters on your business. Trade your downtime for technological peace of mind with the dedicated expertise of the Guardian Computer support team.

Guardian Computer In The News

Our team is comprised of highly skilled individuals who love to share their knowledge with the community. We’ve rounded up our favorite 2021 publications from across the web featuring our incredible team.

Ryan Prejean, IT Support Specialist

Ryan’s commentary has been featured in an article on Reader’s Digest, called “What is Smishing?”  published on

Ryan’s commentary was featured in an article on Reader’s Digest called “What is Smishing?” published on November 30, 2021. This thoughtful and informative article defines smishing, why it’s on the rise, and tips to protect yourself.

Ryan has a knack for translating difficult concepts to have an easy entry point for all. In fact, this article has already been republished on MSN.com and another news site!

David Neil, IT Support Specialist

As one of Guardian Computer’s IT Support Specialists, David provides frontline support by answering clients’ calls, chat messages, and help-request tickets.

This year, David shared his thoughts on the Day in the Life of an IT Support Specialist published on OwlGuru.com.

Byron Chance, IT Support Specialist

Byron’s responsibilities at Guardian Computer include many facets of IT support, such as fielding client calls, navigating Helpdesk needs, managing user accounts, maintaining Microsoft 365 systems, and monitoring RingCentral.

His expert commentary was featured in an article on Free BSD Made Easy that went live on January 8, 2021. The article discusses the Most Anticipated Cloud Computing Trends in 2021. Read it here.

Charles “Andy” Andrews, CISSP, Senior Technical Engineer


As a Senior Technical Consultant at Guardian Computer, Charles “Andy” Andrews tackles a wide array of responsibilities, from research and development for exciting new advancements to security audits to specialized project assignments.  His skills are also fortified by an extensive background in technical engineering, which stretches back 14 years.

Andy had another busy year sharing his wealth of expertise with news outlets. This year, his expert commentary was featured on TechTarget, published on January 25, 2021. Read his thoughts on comparing the pros and cons of CS Degrees vs. Cloud Certifications here.

In addition to the article above, Andy was also featured in an article on Reader’s Digest, published in March called How to Turn Off Location Tracking on Your iPhone.

Jeremy Wirtz, Senior Technical Engineer

Jeremy’s role includes network and server maintenance, research and development, and supporting Level 1 Helpdesk te

Jeremy’s role includes network and server maintenance, research and development, and mentoring helpdesk specialists. Jeremy works to strike a balance between the regulatory and technical aspects that each project brings, ultimately providing clients with secure, user-friendly service.

Providing secure solutions is an important aspect of Jeremy’s job. His expert commentary was featured in an article on Zeguro published on January 19, 2021. In addition, Jeremy was a panelist of cybersecurity experts and business leaders who were asked, “What is the most important thing SMBs overlook when it comes to ransomware?” Read the responses here.