With the ever-changing landscape of information security, organizations need to have an infrastructure that is equipped with the necessary tools to prevent and overcome cyberattacks, while also ensuring that those tools are budget-friendly and have a clear ROI.  

Enhanced security does not mean spending $$$ on cybersecurity when attacks happen, rather, an investment in layered safeguards by holistically monitoring an IT infrastructure can limit substantial downtime and millions of dollars in damages.  

Guardian Computer’s Enhanced Security stack is especially attuned to organizations with heavy compliance and regulations standards (such as healthcare, oil & gas, manufacturing, etc.) that requires a strategic security arsenal to protect the overall health and security of their IT systems.  

The features of our approach include:  


Assistance with cyber insurance policies (at times the solutions within GC's Enhanced Security stack can lower cyber insurance premiums)

Custom-Tailored Solution:

A customized solution that fit the risk and compliance needs for specific industries.


24/7 Active monitoring of the IT infrastructure to detect suspicious activity

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Our proactive approach aims to make cybersecurity as stress-free as possible and help you sleep at night knowing that we’re keep watch of the gremlins at the gate.   

Our Security Stack includes: 

Guardian Computer’s goal is to ensure that our clients have access to the most efficient, least intrusive, and highest ROI solutions. Therefore, GC has partnered with Cynet to provide Autonomous Breach Protection to our clients with a full stack security suite for improved protection, detection, and remediation.  

The XDR Autonomous Breach Protection offers:  A singular solution for an organization’s security needs. The ability to monitor and control all the ongoing routine activities in order to reduce the potential entry points of attack. An automated solution that can orchestrate a response by investigating the root cause and scope while eradicating all malicious artifacts from the environment.

To put it simply, the most devastating cybersecurity incidents happen due to human error. 

The most effective IT training programs mitigate human error by teaching employees the basics of what proper security behaviors are, why information security matters, how to identify social engineering attacks, the importance of setting strong passwords, using two-factor authentication, protecting physical devices, and appropriate use of company resources. 

Our Security Awareness Training programs give employees practice in applying this knowledge and then revisiting these topics regularly.