Finding the holes in the ship.

Before a merger or acquisition, an IT due diligence assessment is required. Due Diligence is a 3rd party, full-scale appraisal of everything a company has done, currently does, or ever should do with their IT systems. As a business owner, you want to make sure that your IT systems are cost effective, secure, scalable and accurately reported. Our thorough, 3rd party due diligence assessment gives you the accurate report of your IT systems that is required during a merger, acquisition, or even and internal review.

IT Infrastructure Assessment - The first thing that needs to be examined is your network’s hardware, lease obligations, software licenses and the liquidation value of your equipment. Here, our goal is to address any problems in infrastructure while also updating your current systems as needed.

IT System Assessment - Every organization requires a unique system based on the type of users and the size of the company. When we review the current state of your IT system, we review your applications and determine if they are stable, deliver user satisfaction and are currently supported. With all of this knowledge, we are able to determine if the current systems are suitable for your company, and if not we begin constructing a new model.

IT Personnel Assessment - No one likes to critique their co-workers, and if they do it’s going to have bias. Our 3rd party due diligence assessment allows us to take an objective look at the size and skill level of your existing IT staff. We’ll compare your IT staff to that of other industries like yours to help provide context when determining the appropriate size, salary, and effectiveness of your ideal department.

IT Process Assessment - An IT process is like driving on the interstate. There are a lot of variables and moving parts that determine if you are going to cruise smoothly to your destination, or if you’re going to get caught in a traffic jam. Just like a good road, an effective IT strategy depends on effective communication, a well-developed infrastructure, and a process that connects the two. When we run our process assessment, we overview your application development, IT operations, disaster recovery plans, IT security and your budgetary management to see how they cooperate and where there is a missing link. With this information we are able to design improved processes that will boost your network efficiency.

Corrective Actions - Once we have collected the data on the current state of your IT systems, we begin to lay out a blueprint that maps how your IT capabilities will expand in line with your company and the future of technology. Our first step is to examine what corrective actions need to be taken to fix the current problems within your system so that we can start with a solid foundation.

Growth Scenarios - We then outline how to move forward with expanding your IT, upgrading its software and hardware, replacing vestigial systems, integrating better IT operations and the prospective profitability of outsourcing or adopting new architecture. After we create this plan we run an additional assessment on future impact which will add value to any merger or acquisition deal.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity - For any success to be possible it is imperative to get an effective IT Due Diligence process to minimize any potential risks and implement security fail-safes. Here, we’ll delve deep into your processes to make sure all IT systems are secured against intrusions, vulnerabilities, viruses, and disasters. We want to ensure our clients have proper backup/recovery procedures in place and tested before they encounter any potential problems. Establishing a Backup and Disaster Recovery system prevents all of your data from being compromised or lost. Also, when needed for the clients’ industry, we provide guidance to help ensure the client is not at risk for non-compliance.

Key Personnel - With decades of experience in managing a wide variety of IT teams, including our own, our NOLA IT consultants can take an honest look at your IT workforce. In this stage, we assess who is invaluable and not only needs to be retained, but also should take leadership within your growing department. Establishing a group of key personnel will allow you to move forward with trust that new staff will be trained to high standards, and the expanding IT needs are under competent authority. We also outline what actions need to be taken to avoid loss of these key personnel in the organization.

Transition Initiatives - When a company is in the midst of an IT project during mergers or acquisitions, it is important to assess said project. Guardian Computer analyzes how far the system development project is underway and whether it should be continued. If the project should be continued, we help develop a plan that will ensure its successful implementation during and after the transition.

IT Spending and Staffing - Balancing your budget in the IT world is a nuanced endeavor. Any organization wants to control overspending, but under-spending will diminish your competitive edge with industry peers. So, hitting that middle ground is of the utmost importance. The first place we look is within your department. By using companies of similar size and industry as a benchmark, we will create a guideline for an optimal staff budget.

Cost Saving Opportunities - Our IT consultants are budget nerds. They keep every expense in mind when looking at systems and infrastructure, and when looking at your budget will determine how your IT capabilities can be more cost-effective. To do this, they will analyze system maintenance, contracts, equipment and network outsourcing opportunities. By not wasting your expenses on unnecessary IT items, you will be able to spend at a highly competitive level without going over.

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