Lead your business into profitability. Guardian will handle your tech.

Leading a company out of crisis is no easy feat. Whether you’re a turnaround professional or a CEO trying to pick the business up off the floor, you know the stress in managing budgets, compliance, risk assessment and strategic planning. Our methodology is to take all of that weight off of you so that you hone in on maximizing the success and profitability of your turnaround project.

Internally, we know that you are often working in crisis mode. There’s no room for downtime in your organization.

We bring you the flexibility of working on the road and on job sites with reliable, secure, digital communication, all while maintaining your Compliance and Regulations of your turnaround organization.

Externally, we allow you to work quickly and thoroughly. Time and security are of the essence, especially when immediate corrective action, sharp cutbacks, and employee layoffs can happen at any given moment.

Expertly assess and validate a company’s IT function, costs, opportunities, and infrastructure risk.

Work fast to keep up with security procedures as many employees are rapidly laid off, and provide wind-down disposal if the business is to be shuttered.

We have one of the most thorough IT Due Diligence strategies in the industry. You can read more about it here.

Get in, get access to your data and get out with easy access to all of your system’s records and analyses whether you’re on-the-road or simply at home and out of the office.

Feel safe that your systems are being managed with expert care when you’re not there.

Expand IT capabilities to support future growth and changes in technology.

Take corrective action to fix outdated, stagnant or broken technology infrastructures and maintain their operation to elicit scalability and cost saving.

Collaborate efficiently with clients and colleagues in your network with up-to-date tools and resources.

Stay attached to your team and projects with your mobile phone so you can collaborate away from the desk.

Utilize every second with zero downtime. Don’t let a downed server halt your process.

Get accurate, organized data fast. Don’t layover your sent data, get it direct.

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Road Warriors

Guardian Computer’s oldest client from 1996 based in Chicago, IL was an early champion of a distributed workforce. This client provides consulting services for large capital organizations and requires a best-in-class IT infrastructure in terms of performance and security.  

GC set up an infrastructure for remote workers well before that became a economic trend and has since provided ongoing continuous improvement to ensure that all systems are healthy and secure for remote workers.  

  • We created application controls that mirrored the organization’s policies and procedures for remote workers.  
  • Set up systems to assist with remote firewalls and folks being secure and compliant in remote situations and being able to access data remotely.
  • Provided them with Extended Detection and Remediation (XDR) solution to help provide holistic, scalable, and autonomous protection to their entire perimeter of their network.  

“John and Jean Prejean and their company Guardian Computer have worked with my firm MorrisAnderson for over 20 years. We are based in Chicago and found the Prejeans during a lengthy consulting project in New Orleans that evolved into John and Jean not only providing full service IT services to my firm and our traveling consulting team but also to various clients of my firm on an as needed basis. We work exclusively with Guardian on all IT issues. John, Jean and the Guardian team provide excellent service on a 24/7 basis and are always there when IT issues and problems arise. They are very practical and look at IT expenditures through the cost/benefit lens of a business owner. They proactively advise me of issues and fix problems fast. They will also tell me when my novice IT viewpoint is simply outdated and wrong. I like that. In today’s world of the cloud and the internet, your IT provider no longer needs to be local but your IT provider must be accessible and responsive when you have a problem. John, Jean and Guardian provide that level of service and more!”

-Dan D.  

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GC has been involved with turnaround management organizations since the early 2000s. Specifically, GC is asked to conduct assessments, due diligence, and various consultations for businesses looking to acquire other companies. Our role in those engagements is to evaluate the overall IT infrastructure and help provide insights and recommendations.