About Guardian Computer

Who We Are

We are the people that never sleep. We run on lithium-ion batteries. We’ve read so much code that we have become code ourselves.

Just kidding. 

 At Guardian Computer, we’re tech-savvy but still human. We hold each other to high standards because we know that we’re that good. But we have fun. We’ve been known to come to work in our pajamas or to bring a puppy to the office for infinite belly rubs. We work hard and we trust each other.


We’ve got a big, friendly family here at Guardian and there’s always room for more.

It’s this mentality that has kept us running over the last 24 years. And this culture flows into our business decisions as well. 

Our clients are extensions of our family, and we work to make that relationship unique. When we get a phone call from a client, we’re proud to be the ones on the other end of the line helping their day move along smoothly.

Ask any of our customers and they’ll tell you that we’re more than just an IT department – they are like family and we have their backs.


We deliver reliable, highly individualized, responsible customer service. Our advanced network monitoring tools give us an edge allowing us to catch the small issues before they become big problems.


Our purpose is to deliver reliable, secure and stress free IT services to businesses that depend on technology for their success.



Guardian Computer is based in New Orleans, LA and offers over 24 years of revolutionary experience. Since the beginning, our team has offered exceptional service, intelligent problem-solving and diverse skill sets to companies all across the U.S. looking for anything between fully managed IT services and crisis intervention.

john-prejean-gcit              jean-prejean-gcit

John and Jean Prejean founded Guardian Computer in 1996 with a vision of providing  technology solutions that stay aligned to their clients’ businesses. Their technical knowledge and business expertise have contributed to the financial success of clients across the country. John and Jean are graduates from Louisiana State University and hold Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science. The Guardian Computer Team has over 50 years of experience in business process automation, network design, and IT assessments.

Our team has always been family. We’ve grown together since the beginning, learning from each other along the way. We pride ourselves on our personal approach to team management and client outreach. From day one, every step we’ve taken has been steeped in care for both our clients and our staff.

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