Breathe easy when you think about your data.

Data is what drives your business. When that data is down, you can’t serve your customers and ultimately you lose money and your credible reputation. Even worse, if that data is compromised, you could lose everything. At Guardian Computer, we know that protecting your data and getting it back online when the unexpected happens is your number one priority, so we make it ours. When you use us for your data and backup recovery plan, you are guaranteeing 24×7 monitoring, state-of-the-art block level imaging backups, dual replication of data virtually and physically in our datacenter and much more that will keep your data safe.

Over 50% of businesses that rely on data use tapes to back up their files. Tape backups take time to access and often require the re-installation of an OS. This is time you don’t have. With our block level imaging backup system we guarantee that as soon as data is lost or your data center goes down, we’ll have it right back where it belongs without missing a beat. Also, our encrypted cloud backups allow your data production to scale beyond the capabilities of tape technology.

Even when the unthinkable happens and there is a disaster or a severe malware attack, we will have your data and operating systems secured. When we work with you on a Disaster Recovery Plan, we determine a recovery point object (RPO) within your network and choose a recovery time objective (RTO) that makes sense for your business. This allows us to create fully detailed copies of your backup files every hour and allows you to boot from a virtual machine so that even in the event of an office fire, your downtime is minimal.

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