Supporting the Future Growth of Businesses

Small and Medium Sized Business (SMBs) rely on healthy and secure IT systems. Additionally, SMBs require special attention to the specific custom needs of their business. A cookie cutter IT solution may not be most conducive for SMBs as these businesses rely on IT vendors that understand their business as if it were their own.  

SMBs businesses require assistance with increasing efficiencies between various solutions. GC can customize workflows that make the best sense for your business. 

SMBs need proactive reporting on various functions of the business. GC can help build out reports on various data points to help small business owners work on the business and not in the business.  

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White Glove Service

Small & Medium sized businesses require special attention to the specific custom needs of their business. GC’s client in New Orleans is a small business that works with the state of Louisiana and needed their IT systems to comply with the state’s regulations. Our challenge was to set up application controls within their IT infrastructure that aligned with these compliance standards. 

Challenge: When GC sat down with the small business owner to understand their custom needs and nuances of their specific organization. We realized that there were ways in which we could make the clients systems more efficient to help them save time and increase efficiencies.  Specifically, GC developed workflows and reporting processes to help the client not only stay compliant with the state, but also, make the organization more digitally mature. No matter the size of the organization, GC seeks to provide “Value First” services to all its clients.  

  • Configured Microsoft security defaults to ensure that the client was compliant with state regulations.
  • Transitioned their infrastructure to a server-less environment to make their system more cost-effective and secure. 
  • Confirmed that the client’s communication with the state was compliant by setting up partitioned networks.
  • Documented the entire system to ensure that the GC help desk team would always be a aware of the clients customized needs.  

Guardian Computers has been handling all our IT needs for over 10 years! They are a wonderful company to work with! They helped me set up my business for success by going the extra mile and understanding the specific challenges relating to state compliance and regulations.

– Jodi L.


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GC is a member of the Better Business Bureau. We believe in the core tenets of trust and relationships being vital to providing IT services to our clients.  Our goal is to ensure that our SMB clients a trusted vendor they can rely on.