Let Guardian keep your lines clear while you build your empire

In the industry of creating new spaces, having everyone on the same page for a project is the foundation to efficiency and success. That means you are constantly sharing and receiving data from different project managers, clients, engineers and your accounting team. We specialize in data management; let us keep your lines clear while you build our empire.

Close collaboration between architects, engineers, foremen, and workers can lead to increased team productivity.  That means everyone can see and communicate about those CAD design files, project plans, proposals and bids.

Accelerate your teamwork capacity with real-time information sharing and organized communication infrastructure.

Cut time and costs in your planning, organizing and management processes with simplified workflow development and reporting.

Simplify your main line of communication with managed applications and increased communication functionality. We understand that the smartphone has become a primary tool in the industry, and we want to remove any stress around that.

Optimize mobile security to protect your data when you’re on the road or using public wifi.

Simplify decision-making with access to your data at any time on any work-site.

Enjoy smooth patches and updates as we apply them remotely.

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Not Your Average Mailbox Migration 

Guardian Computer was contacted by a construction company in New Orleans, LA to help migrate their mailbox to the Microsoft 365 environment. What made this request unique from a standard email migration (for example, Gmail to Microsoft) was that the client was already using Microsoft Office emails from another vendor. Meaning, they already had Microsoft 365 emails, but it was not from Microsoft itself, it was an add-on product that another vendor sold. The reason the client was looking to transition to Microsoft was because their vendor provided version of Microsoft had limited capabilities and fewer security features. 

This type of email migration is called a tenant-to-tenant migration, which is the process of migrating workloads from one Microsoft 365 tenancy to another. These migrations can be quite tricky because the vendor provided email product may have specific custom migration policies that can create havoc in safeguarding data. Due to the complicated nature of tenant migrations, there needs to be extra care in moving files and email without data loss and significant interruption to day-to-day business. Over the years, GC has been asked to execute these migrations more frequently and because of our experience with these types of projects, we have it down to a science. 

  • We successfully transitioned the client to the new mailbox without any downtime and data loss. 
  • 40+ users were assisted throughout the process and made aware of the change and had access to GC’s help desk for any specific issues.
  • Folks in the field had no interruptions.
  • GC was able to do this as a part of the clients onboarding process and made the switch within 2 weeks of becoming a client. 

“The decision to move our IT services to Guardian Computer was one of the best things we have done as a company. Not only did it take that burden off of our internal team, but it also allowed us to grow faster and easier as an organization. Guardian is very knowledgeable on all the latest hardware and software in order to keep our company organized, efficient, and competitive. The Guardian team is always readily available to handle whatever needs arise. I highly recommend their services.”

– Blake C.  

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In 2022, GC joined the Construction Financial Management Association to better understand the trends in construction industries and the ways in which IT Managed Service Providers can help assist Construction businesses with their goals and benchmarks. GC is focused on helping construction companies modernize their technological infrastructure while also cutting costs. Our goal is to help our clients’ systems work more efficiently and not be stuck managing bloated systems.