Back by popular demand, Omar Abdullah sits down with Will Jenkins in episode 6 of Outsourced the GC podcast.Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. As cheesy as it sounds, the Guardian team spent November thinking about the reason to be thankful for MSPs. Reheat those Thanksgiving leftovers and dive in as we discuss 5 reasons to be thankful for an IT MSP.

Later on in the episode, the team is joined by Adam Krob, IT and Process Director at Boh Bros. Construction Co. LLC located in New Orleans, LA. Adam is an experienced grower of organizations and people. He chats with Omar in this episode to discuss how the construction industry has evolved over the years from an IT perspective.

That and more on this episode of Outsourced.

Outsourced is a podcast where the Guardian team talks all things enterprise technology with the hopes of enabling experts to learn from other experts. Each month, we’ll talk about current tech events tied to key industries and interview experts in the field.