Data is what drives your business. When that data is down, you can’t serve your customers and ultimately you lose money and your credible reputation. Even worse, if that data is compromised, you could lose everything.


Don’t be scared. Be prepared.

At Guardian Computer, we know that protecting your data and getting it back online when the unexpected happens is your number one priority, so we make it ours. To that end, Guardian Computer now offers this level of dedication to your emails.


Breathe easy when you think about your email data

Today, your email data is backed up by Microsoft – but the duration that backups are kept is quite short (90 days). If your emails are deliberately or accidently deleted, and realized several weeks later, you are not able to restore from Microsoft’s backup

We’ve partnered with Dropsuite to offer a new service to solve this problem and keep your data secure. Dropsuite is a highly automated migration service, providing multiple bulk and individual restore options. It will run daily backups of the applications you use most. These include Exchange Online, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Office 365 Groups, and Microsoft Teams.


Protect and Recover Email Data Automatically

Many businesses using cloud-based environments such as Office 365 assume their email and related data are easily available to restore from backups, because it’s all ‘in the cloud.’ But the reality is, that’s not the case.

Microsoft is not in the data backup on demand business — and with cyberthreats on the rise, businesses can no longer risk exposing their brands to unexpected data loss events such as ransomware, phishing attacks, rogue employee theft, or accidental deletion.

Dropsuite’s Email Backup ensures your critical business email data is backed up safely and securely. This simple and powerful solution automatically protect your most important data in the cloud and restores any file on demand.


Ready to let Guardian take care of your IT?

With over 150 years of combined technical experience, there aren’t many IT issues we haven’t seen before. Whether your company has 2 or 2000 workstations, we bring the same level of high-quality service and expertise to every task.

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