In the final episode of 2022, Omar Abdullah, Director of Business Development and host of Outsourced shares his thoughts on the outlook of enterprise technology in the year ahead. How can you recession-proof your business to not just survive, but thrive in an uncertain environment? Listen to the team’s key takeaways to better plan for your future.

Later on in the episode, Omar is joined by Theo Jansons to discuss the role of the Chief of Staff in digital transformation. Theo Jansons is the Vice President of Operations at Prime Chief of Staff, and executive office advisory firm.

At Prime, Theo focuses on using data and automations to improve executive effectiveness. Theo’s signature broken record is data democratization—enabling all employees to access and use data for decision making.

That and more on this episode of Outsourced.

Outsourced is a podcast where the Guardian team talks all things enterprise technology with the hopes of enabling experts to learn from other experts. Each month, we’ll talk about current tech events tied to key industries and interview experts in the field.

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