Available now! Outsourced Episode 10: The Solution to Our Human Condition is not in a Spreadsheet ft Anthony Lancianese of New Leaf Homes.

In this Episode of Outsourced, Omar and guest of the show Anthony Lancianese make the case for keeping the human touch in tech automation. While data certainly provides insights to make decisions, leaning on AI too heavily can stifle creativity. Collectively, we’re missing the human!

Anthony is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing with New Leaf Homes. But his journey didn’t start there! His diverse background in a variety of positions gives him a unique perspective as a leader. From early beginnings as a home health equipment delivery driver to starting and selling businesses, he attributes his success to experiencing each rug of the ladder.

Anthony has three key takeaways. Lead with curiosity. Lower your shield. And don’t look to a spreadsheet for your answer to a human problem.

Outsourced is a podcast where the Guardian team talks all things enterprise technology with the hopes of enabling experts to learn from other experts.

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