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Outsourced Episode 9: This is Not a Marketing Episode with Nicole Kurtz of Aducate Digital


In this Episode of Outsourced, Omar waxes philosophical with guest Nicole Kurtz, Founder of Aducate Digital. The “long time pre-pandemic” buddies engage in a Foucault-style discussion on the current state of marketing. The rise of pay-per-click ads and AI generated content is creating a simulation of what people actually want rather than solving the problem. How do you effectively cut through the noise with your marketing strategy on a limited budget? Listen to learn more!


Aducate Digital’s mission is to educate small business owners in advertising strategies. Nicole works with owners in growth mode who find themselves at a crossroad. With limited resources and time, Nicole guides small business owners to a new level of success. As owners scale beyond word-of-mouth marketing, they’ll need to let social media do the talking. How does a business owner maintain their integrity when entering the marketing world designed to overwhelm its audience? Find out on this episode of Outsourced.


Outsourced is a podcast where the Guardian team talks all things enterprise technology with the hopes of enabling experts to learn from other experts.


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