The Biggest IT Support Question All Small Businesses Face: In-House or Outsource IT Staff

Every small business faces the tough choice of whether to hire their own IT staff or outsource the work to an outside IT consulting company. The immediate need for IT support often leads businesses to choose in-house options, but this is definitely not always the most cost-effective solution for small businesses who may not necessarily have enough work to justify a new hire. Even with an IT staff, there are some jobs that require a level of expertise from outside sources. That is where we come in!

For the past twenty years, Guardian has offered IT support to small businesses in New Orleans and beyond. One of our goals is to serve businesses with IT support that makes sense for their budget. Guardian works with the business owners of companies of all sizes to provide solutions to their specific needs. We offer different plans, managed services and hourly, to make sure the client gets the type of help they need to upkeep to manage all their technology needs.

The Benefits of  IT Support in New Orleans with Guardian Computer

1. Our Team Members Offer Expertise

Any small business hiring one or even two employees, they are intrinsically limited by the knowledge of those staff members. When you work with an IT support company like Guardian Computer, we send in an expert to address the problem. Our staff is constantly working to sharpen their expertise, and you are in the hands of someone who really knows (and loves) what they are doing. If we don’t know how to do it we will learn it or connect you with someone who can help.

2. The Cost

It is hard to compete with the rates of an IT consulting company versus hiring an employee because the structure of our company allows us to remain cost competitive. Even if you already have an employee hired on, chances are they cannot match the same skill set a large group of well-trained individuals can in this field. Our hourly rate and managed services cost way less than the cost of hiring an additional employee. If you want to know our rates, please feel free to give us a call at 504-457-0005 or shoot us an email at

3. Who Wants to Waste Time on IT Issues 

These days it is not all uncommon to have at least one person in the office who is tech savvy person. While this skill may come in handy, time your employee spends on IT does not ultimately contribute to your bottom line. Hiring outside IT support allows you and/or your employees to focus more on your business.

4. You Will Get To Know Us

When working with a small It consulting companies like Guardian Computer, you will get to know the staff. Most businesses that stick with us a long time usually have a favorite employee that like to talk to when calling in for IT support. We also have our favorite clients although we’ll never tell who. Just because you are “outsourcing” doesn’t mean that the service is impersonal by any means.

Questions About Our IT Consulting Services Based Out of New Orleans?

If you have any inquiries as to our outsourcing your Small Business’ IT Support please feel free to reach out to us by giving us call at 504-457-0005 or shoot us an email at Our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have about how our IT support team can fit in with your small business.