disaster recovery plans matthew hurricane model

As we watch Hurricane Matthew make landfall, we are sending out our thoughts and prayers to those impacted by the storm. As New Orleans citizens, we empathize with the damage storms like Matthew have on communities.

By the way, for those of you in our area not vigilantly tracking the storm, there is a small chance it may, for a better lack of a meteorological term, do a loopty-loop back in our direction. We are not in the clear yet so keep an eye on your preferred weather channel.

No matter where you are, but especially in hurricane and flood-prone areas, it is a good idea to have a disaster recovery plan in place to protect your data. We have years of experience creating comprehensive virus protection and disaster recovery systems. We’ll also back up all your mission-critical data off-site for safekeeping.

Businesses of every size need a plan to protect their electronic information. Often, companies do not come up with any such plan until after disaster strikes which is not the ideal way to do things. We much prefer it when clients take steps before they’ve lost data which is critical to the continued operations of their business.

Give us a call at 504-457-0005 if you or anyone you know needs to make a plan to protect data from Matthew or other potential disasters. We can get you on the right track with a comprehensive disaster recovery plan for your IT infrastructure fast.

Most importantly: everyone stay safe out there!