What is the outlook for enterprise technology in 2023? Well, we here at Guardian have some key takeaways that we’d like to share, because we’re just that nice. The first is tied to the macroeconomics environment. Yes, we’re talking about the recession. Unfortunately, it looks like one is on the horizon. We think organizations will need to be as competitive as ever to survive this recession. And maybe even grow within this time.

IT is going to be crucial to meet that goal. Two ways organizations can be competitive are:

Productivity and quality of products or services. Let’s dig into each a bit further.


IT Improves Productivity in a Recession

Productivity ensures organization will thrive in a tightened economy by ensuring no end user has downtime. This increased productivity allows the employees to focus on work and not about fixing the computer or messing with unnecessary tech setbacks.

Having tools and resources that provide proactive management are going to be key for organizations to succeed


IT Ensures Quality in a Recession

The second pieces tied to recessionary pressures is quality of product and quality of service. For organizations to remain competitive in this environment, they will need to have an information technology base that is healthy and has layered safeguards.

An investment in those tools that provide proactive management to organizations ensure they can work on the product or services. It will be crucial for organizations to focus on quality rather than the health and security of their IT systems to thrive in a recession.


Proactive IT Tools

Investments in solutions such as Extended Detection Response (XDR), backup solutions and security awareness tools will help organizations survive and thrive.

Security awareness training speaks to the big, giant, scary thing that is cybersecurity. A topic that a lot of folks don’t really want to grabble with. Given that the digital environment has changed so greatly, and bad actors have ransomware down to a science, layered safeguards will be crucial in 2023.

To combat the rise in ransomware attacks, these layered safeguards will need to go beyond endpoint detection. We think that next year will require organizations step up to this challenge and implement some tools that will provide this layered safeguard.

We can’t put our head in the sand. If you relied on that playbook in the past, we’re telling you that likely won’t work in 2023. Some sort of investment in cybersecurity will be vital to survive a recession.


Head out of the sand and into the cloud

The move from analog to digital will continue to grow exponentially in 2023 and beyond. This includes on-prem servers moving to the cloud, paper-pencil systems will be moved to encrypted cloud applications will be a necessity. This is already happening in industries like manufacturing and healthcare.

Next year will be the year for small businesses will take the leap to the cloud. Having solutions out there that make this transition user friendly will be key for folks next year.


Holistically Manage IT Systems in a Recession

The average B2B company uses something like 50+ SaaS applications. The biggest challenge folks have at these organizations is that these are disparate software and systems that don’t really talk to one another. If they do, they are not truly holistic.

Next year might be the time that organizations prioritize this interconnectivity of IT systems. Often if a software integrates with another system, organizations fail to consider the scale of this integration.

Our crystal ball is telling us that 2023 will be the year organizations integrate management of this interconnectedness. Multiple points of failure makes for messy data which leads to lack of digital innovation, maturity and transformation.


Your Personalized IT Department

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