Managing hardware is critical to the success of any business. Applications have become more and more hardware intensive both on the processor and memory. The amount of information that’s saved in each application can take up a lot of storage space as well. So it’s pretty important to have a machine that has upgraded technology in it so that it can keep up with some of the applications of today.


A Brief Look into Storage Space

To appreciate this growth, an expensive hard drive was 20mb and today you can find relatively inexpensive hard drives with a 1TB capacity. The software developers are tasked with building applications with more and more features. The storage space on your specific machine it’s their first priority.

If you think about the difference between an iPhone 5 vs an i7. The i7 while it is more expensive at first, will have longevity. You’re not going to notice the speed decrease as soon as compared to an i5. Today, an i5 will work for you just fine. But two or three years down the line, your i5 will be time to go. Your i7 on the other hand will be just fine.

To think about it another way, consider the mobile phones from 3 to 5 years ago. They had 5 and 6 megapixel cameras in them which took photos that were 1 to 2 megabites in size. Today, your phone has a 30-50 mega pixel camera and the size of the photo has quadrupled in size. The hard drive that was sufficient 3-5 years ago isn’t sufficient now.


 Time is Money. Don’t waste it watching a spinning wheel.

Now, let’s extrapolate that across photos, sound files, PowerPoint presentations and you can see how this might affect the hardware you use to run your business. The more time your employee spend watching a spinning wheel as their applications load, the more opportunities for revenue you’re missing out on.

Guardian Computer supports your business by providing reliable lifecycle management and proactive care. As an MSP it is our obligation to ensure you have no downtime and that your systems are secure. IT hardware is a crucial component to ensuring that all systems are healthy and productive.

Uptime all the time


Hardware such as workstations, printers, and servers have a definite lifespan after which they can become slow, glitchy, and more as secure. Replacing systems at the point of them being non-functional causes downtime because of the lengthy process of restoring backups. Not to mention expedited system procurement can be costly. Updating hardware is pivotal to ensuring the overall health of the organization as it limits the long-term costs and potential loss revenue.

Guardian Computer provides proactive lifecycle management of your hardware through strategic planning, deployment, monitoring, and disposal. We’ll work with you to develop a Candance for replacing hardware that makes most sense for your business. When the device is ready to be replaced, we’ll handle the recycling of the device to ensure that the data has been removed and is recycled appropriately form an environmental standpoint.

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