Felecia Foy

IT Support Specialist

Felecia’s role as an IT Support Specialist consists mostly of fielding phone calls to assist clients with their technical support needs. In addition, she serves as Guardian’s in-house SharePoint professional and one of the company’s go-to experts for automation and scripting development. One of her favorite accomplishments on the job has been writing a script that connects different Microsoft Azure and Office 365 services, compiling information from all clients into a report to analyze the effectiveness of Guardian’s security policies.

From a young age, Felecia found herself drawn to computers. It only seemed natural for her to take the next step into programming and IT. She attended a high school with an extensive computer science program that allowed her to explore the field and gain experience early on. After high school, she continued studying computer science and mathematics at Loyola University New Orleans. Felecia says she has always loved the satisfaction that comes from solving puzzles while programming.

Off the clock, Felecia likes cooking, gardening, painting, watching TV, and playing games. She describes herself as a bit of a “hobby jumper,” because she likes to try many different activities—something she enjoys on the job where she is constantly learning new things. Felecia also has a habit of rescuing cats, with five currently in her care.

Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics from Loyola University New Orleans


  • Programming
  • Development
  • Microsoft 365
  • SharePoint
  • IT support