Omar Abdullah

“The Resident Extrovert”





Doctor of Philosophy in Cultural Studies from University of California, Davis and

Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies from St. Mary’s College of California


Organizational growth




Business intelligence

Corporate development


As Director of Business Development at Guardian Computer, Omar is primarily responsible for organizational growth and expanding brand awareness. This entails driving Guardian Computer’s strategy, sales, and marketing initiatives. Broadly, Omar works to build relationships with various organizations and clients to help them meet their unique IT needs.

Prior to Guardian Computer, Omar served as the Vice President of Marketing & Outreach at Cultivate Behavioral Health & Education, where he established a national outreach department that connected with care providers, non-profit organizations, and communities to provide resources to families navigating the autism treatment journey.

Omar was an interdisciplinary scholar and communication consultant, having taught courses at the University of California Davis and Texas A&M University, as well as speaking at conferences and facilitating workshops at Trinity University, Georgetown University, and SXSW. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Saint Mary’s College and he earned his Ph.D. in Cultural Studies from the University of California, Davis.

Outside the workplace Omar enjoys cooking for his wife, watching boring documentaries, and dressing his dogs in human clothes.

Lastly, Omar used to be a comedian (key word being, “used to”). So, please reach out and he will attempt to make you laugh.