Noah Billeaud-Lehotsky

“The Cyber Sarge”




Marine Corp, Marine Veteran


End user support

Systems configurator


Lean 6 Sigma Yellow Belt

HIPAA Compliance

Noah Billeaud-Lehotsky is someone to turn to when you need your questions answered. His bright personality and depth of expertise provides fodder for engaging conversational topics such as life in the Marines, Frisbee golf, Nerf blasters, and of course computers.

On any given day, you can find Noah answering phones as help-desk support or in a packed room deactivating and prepping computer equipment. As a Marine, Noah prides himself on being the first line of defense and translates those skills to his work with Guardian clients. He appreciates Guardian’s reputation of going above and beyond to deliver a personal touch and full-service support.

Noah found his way into tech support as an Office Manager responsible for multiple workstations. He grew to love the intrinsic rewards gained from solving technical problems for his fellow Marines and teaching others about proactive cyber security best practices.

In his spare time, you can find Noah playing alongside his teammates in the Louisiana Blaster League. He got his first Nerf blaster at 12 years old and is now a board member of the league.