Jean Prejean

“The Truth Teller”




Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Louisiana State University


Strategic planning

Financial management

Salesforce administration


Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program Alumna

Listening to your instinct and having a vision for the future are two key traits needed as President of a nationwide technology MSP. Add some dry wit and charm to the mix and you’ve got Jean Prejean, co-Founder of Guardian Computer.

Jean started Guardian Computer with her husband John 26 years ago to find a better work life balance. She gravitated to the pioneering tech field to help solve the industry’s unique challenges. Participating in breaking the glass ceiling was a nice perk also.

As President, Jean enjoys keeping an eye out for new tech trends as she works closely with vendors and industry peers alike. She uses her lateral thinking skills to identify solutions in the fast-paced IT environment, with a keen vision for the future of the company. This precision allows Guardian to grow sustainably, remain nimble, and have fun in the process. This approach creates a company culture that is large enough to serve and small enough to care.

When she’s not at the office working to make everyone’s day better, she’s on an adventure traveling the world. Her favorite vacation so far was to the Galapagos where she joined a National Geographic cruise full of nature photographers and Naturalists.