Byron Chance

“The Microsoft Maestro”




Bachelor of Science in Music from Loyola University New Orleans


Network engineering

Remote connectivity

Microsoft 365

IT support

Customer service

Phone systems


CompTIA Network+

Byron’s responsibilities at Guardian Computer include many facets of IT support, such as fielding client calls, navigating Helpdesk needs, managing user accounts, maintaining Microsoft 365 systems, and monitoring RingCentral, a softphone system. Increasingly, Byron is spending more time configuring and installing network equipment in addition to his IT support duties.

With a lifelong interest in computers, Byron found the IT field a natural fit for his career. He also has a music background, which dovetailed nicely with his interest in technology. In order to perform and record his music, Byron learned to work with technology early in life. Now, as an IT Support Specialist at Guardian, he enjoys navigating changing trends and challenges to help clients with the online systems they rely on.

In his spare time, Byron continues to write and play music on a multitude of instruments. To facilitate his passion for music, he even set up a small home recording studio. Besides making music and tinkering with audio equipment, Byron likes watching movies and spending time with his dogs. Whether it’s music, movies, or tech, Byron’s instinct is to expand his horizons and experience a little bit of everything.