Before smartphones were the norm, few business owners and leaders had to consider why mobile security is important. Today, there are many more concerns for an organization’s cybersecurity, with mobile security chief among them. Yet many businesses still do not consider the consequences that can result from employees using personal smartphones for work or company smartphones for personal use.

So why is mobile security important?

With threats to mobile devices on the rise, organizations must invest in their mobile security and foster safer practices among employees.

Start Protecting Your Business with Mobile Security

Read our blog post or refer to this infographic to understand why mobile security is important and how to protect your business.

Establish a Device Policy

A corporate device policy provides a standard of expectations that employees know to follow, as well as the consequences for breaking them. To cover all your bases, be sure to address the use of company-issued devices as well as personal devices.

Consider these tips for setting up a corporate device policy:

  • Bring Your Own Device – Be clear about whether employees are allowed to use personal devices at work or not. If they are, write a clear Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. Consider what types of devices and activities will be permitted.
  • Monitoring and Transparency – Employees and visitors on your premises should be fully aware of any monitoring your company intends to perform on their devices or activity. Monitoring not only protects company interests, but also encourages employees to take care with their activity and abide by the rules. Building a transparent company policy can help avoid employee distrust and dissatisfaction, while also highlighting how company cybersecurity is truly an all-hands team effort.
  • Approved Applications and Software – By creating a list of approved applications and software, you can increase your device security and limit the amount of lost productivity. Most importantly, you will decrease the chances of mobile malware infiltrating your company’s devices or network via unsecure apps.

Use Mobile Device Management Software

For stronger security, implement mobile device management (MDM) software. MDM is vital for separating business and personal information for employees, while enabling employers to create security measures for their devices.

Typically, cloud-based software will be less expensive, more flexible, and easier to manage than on-premises software. Look for features that will enable you to view device information, configure devices, manage and update apps, create restrictions for device usage, and wipe devices remotely.

If possible, use MDM software that will enforce your company’s security measures across devices. This could include everything from using strong passwords, to encrypting data, to establishing containers for keeping company information separate from personal information.

Keep Devices Up to Date

Whether you’re considering the importance of mobile security or looking to boost cybersecurity for other hardware or software, keep company devices up to date. An update can remedy operating bugs, enhance software security, and heighten the performance of your device and its software.

Often, businesses fail to update their software regularly, especially on mobile devices. As a result of these delays, mobile malware can sneak onto your device and leave you open to a cyberattack.

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