You wouldn’t think to apply multiple band aids to fix a broken bone. So, why treat your business’s security with the same patchy response? Guardian Computer has partnered with Cynet to provide Extended Detection and Response (XDR), delivering Autonomous Breach Protection to your business with a full stack security suite for improved protection, detection, and remediation.

As your business grows, you may have found stopgap solutions to address your security problems. As the number of breaches your organization faces continues to increase, you’ll be required to find additional patches, continuing the cycle.

At some point, you should be covered enough to end all breaches. Unfortunately, increasing the number of security products does not increase your level of security. To fix the broken bone, you need a cast, not individual bandages.

Your individual security products are not solving your cyber breaches because each product only covers a portion of the threats without communicating to the other products. Additionally, knowing how to form a holistic approach with the desperate products requires skill, time, and money.


Next Generation Protection, Detection, and Remediation

The XDR Autonomous Breach Protection offers a singular solution for your security needs. With this streamlined approach, Guardian can now monitor and control all the ongoing routine activities in order to reduce the potential entry points of attack. If a breach is detected, the autonomous protection can orchestrate a response by investigating the root cause and scope while eradicating all malicious artifacts from the environment.


Focus on your business, we’ve got your tech covered.

This full stack service was developed for businesses who are concerned with traditional virus protection and are looking for a solution to stop the increased number of threats. Perhaps your business has the individual tools and processes in place but lacks the holistic approach. Maybe you’ve been hit with new compliance requirements mandating the use of continuous monitoring and threat detections.

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