Here’s a quick reality check: even though huge swaths of global industry rely on the internet and web based products and services to operate, end user awareness of how to safely navigate those spaces remains low.

The statistics really are staggering. According to the 2020 ‘State of Privacy and Security Awareness’ Report by Osterman Research, 43% of surveyed employees were not aware that clicking suspicious links in emails was a known way to contract a virus. 48% are still getting fooled by fake attachments. 59% reported that they were not confident they’d be able to identify a social engineering attack.

There is good news though. For every report with scary statistics, there are others that show the effectiveness of security awareness training specifically, those that take a layered approach.


Proactive Care with Effective Training

To put it simply, the most devastating security incidents happen due to human error. The most effective training programs mitigate human error by teaching employees the basics of what proper security behaviors are, why information security matters, how to identify social engineering attacks, the importance of setting strong passwords, using two-factor authentication, protecting physical devices, and appropriate use of company resources.

These programs give employees practice in applying this knowledge and they revise these topics regularly. This is where Guardian comes in.


Real People. Real Support.

Our security awareness platform can help you track who has taken which trainings, and who’s due for a refresher course. You’ll be able to send fake phishing messages to see who might need to revisit certain aspects of our program. And you can also opt to enroll in our weekly refresher series of short videos and articles that makes sure security awareness is never out of sight or out of mind.

Humanizing IT Services

We’ve made it easy to deliver security training that is simple to access and distribute, engaging and up to date on all relevant topics surrounding security awareness. Sign your employees up for security awareness training through us today and help us help you stay safe and secure.