5 Reasons to be Thankful for an IT MSP

All businesses need reliable IT services. IT aspects of an organization can quickly become very complicated as the business scales. At a certain point in growth, businesses may need to consider someone to manage the day-to-day and strategy aspects of their IT infrastructure. If you’ve found yourself at this crossroads, you might want to consider bringing a Managed Service Provider (MSP) into the picture.

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. As cheesy as it sounds, the Guardian team spent November thinking about the reason to be thankful for MSPs. Reheat those Thanksgiving leftovers and dive in as we discuss 5 reasons to be thankful for an IT MSP.


  1. With an MSP, you get access to expertise.

New Orleans being a major hub for shipping, the analogy of a river boat pilot comes to mind when comparing an internal IT team vs an MSP from an expertise standpoint. While you may have an internal IT team, they may not know all the intricacies of the technology “harbor” they’re about to pull into.

Utilizing an MSP as the pilot navigating you through the waters and pulling you into the right harbor safely is invaluable to businesses. The team at Guardian learns the complexities of different harbors to guide you safely when you’re ready to strategize.

You don’t want your technology to run you aground causing everything to stop. When you rely solely on an internal IT solution, your business might lack the level of expertise to know where to go. Guardian is your guide into the safe harbor.


  1. An MSP supports your businesses’ innovation and scalability.

Innovation is subjective. How an MSP helps one company innovate may be a continuance for the last company. To continue with the riverboat analogy, Guardian guides your boat on this journey. When Guardian understands how things are going aboard your ship, we can make it more efficient and more profitable through observation and technology.

There’s another added benefit of working with an MSP like Guardian. With 26 years in business, we’ve seen just about everything from our clients. We can draw on this expertise to implement proven systems helping you scale quickly and sustainably.

All our clients are evolving at different times and at different rates. One’s natural progression is another’s complete innovation. We’ve seen both. If you only work with an internal IT solution, you can only see innovation from the inside. When you can’t foresee how innovations evolve, you run the risk of slowing down your efficient scalability


  1. MSPs provide reliable tech to keep your business running.

Reliability is a function of what matters to your company. Success for an MSP is gauged by the lack of downtime in your IT infrastructure. You need to keep the engine running. We hear it: the river boat analogy will not die in this article.

An MSP can’t tell you what reliability looks like, until you can tell us what failure looks like. For reliability, you need to see your company’s infrastructure stripped down, identifying the mission-critical pieces. If you can’t quickly identify this, then you can’t have reliability because you don’t know where you need to brace.

When you that your email suddenly going down causes you to lose revenue every minute, then you have an accurate gauge for reliability that an MSP provides.


  1. An MSP provides security through layered safeguards.

Security as a function of technology is a risk-mitigation not a risk-elimination exercise. When we talk about layered security, what Guardian is trying to do create digital hygiene best practices. The goal is to make the run-of-the-mill standard attacks less intrusive.

If you can eliminate the most obvious risks, you know a breach beyond that is more personal. The hacker is doing research to target your business specifically and actively pursuing you. The nature of security for this type of an attack is different, making it critical to have a layered safeguard approach.

If security is an onion, we want them to cry. As an MSP, our job is to address the alerts and provide protection to your business. We notice a level of detail you won’t get from an internal IT solution.

  1. MSPs provide a strategic direction to your business.

Once an MSP guides you into enough safe harbors, we can foresee what’s around the bend specific to your business. From a strategy perspective, once you’ve been guided into enough safe harbors, you’ll be ready to innovate further. That’s where we can help you strategize.

As an MSP, we’re shepherding multiple businesses through these situations. This allows us to provide an outside perspective you won’t get with an internal IT solution.

Sweetcorn Casserole, Smelly Onions, and Scan Guns. Oh my.

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