You may have seen a notification on your device for the Windows 11 update released on October 5. Odds are you’re like most who ignore these annoying prompts. The question is, will your laziness benefit you this time around? The short answer: Yes, it will.

What exactly is in this new update?

On October 5, 2021, Windows released a free upgrade to their operating systems eligible for Windows 10 PCs. Number 1 on the “11 highlights of this release”:

That’s marketing lingo for: this update has minimal new features but provides a new look.

The remaining 10 highlights have a heavy focus on the user experience “designed to bring you closer to what you love.” What improvements do these design features have on your day to day? Probably little to none. But, upgrading right away could be a nuisance for your applications and especially your printers, scanners, sound and graphics cards.

Unless you’re curious (and you have a backup computer to play around with) there’s no reason to update right away.

How Often Are Updates Released?

These massive operating system overhauls don’t happen often. Windows 10 was released in 2015, for example. And, in the grand scheme of things, Windows 11 is a minor upgrade in terms of new features and applications.

Most of the time however, Windows will push out minor updates to the current operating system. These minor updates can happen at an incredible speed. Microsoft may release an update which doesn’t work properly. A week later an update to that update will be pushed out to fix the issue.

Issues You May Run into After Installing the Windows 11 Update

As with all new operating system releases, Microsoft will need to push out a handful of updates in the coming weeks. Since this is a new system, vendors who supply your printers, scanners, and so on haven’t had time to update their drivers to meet the new operating system criteria.

This means that if you update to Windows 11 before the vendor you purchased your printer from has had a chance to update the driver, your printer may stop working. Rather than wasting your resources figuring out why this goofy thing happened after you upgraded, be patient and let the other vendors catch up.

Most of your Microsoft applications will probably work fine. Since this is a Microsoft update, they had time to update their applications before release. Your other software vendors have only had access to a pre-release, and it may take them a while to catch up as a result.

When should you update to Windows 11?

Eventually, we will recommend an upgrade. Microsoft will primarily focus on Windows 11 now, meaning sooner or later they won’t waste time developing fixes for previous versions, like Windows 10. If you don’t ultimately install the upgrade, it could result in lax security on your computer.

Let Guardian test things out for the next month or two. Don’t do your own research (unless you’ve got a spare computer laying around)! Our team will see what goofy changes happen on our spare computers, find the solutions for you, and will notify you when things have settled.

Wait for the Guardian All Clear.

Let Guardian work out the kinks to this new operating system first. We’ll give you the “all-clear” when ready. Did you already update and find that your printers and scanners aren’t working anymore? Don’t stress, but…

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We are pleased to share that Channel Futures has recognized Guardian Computer on its list of the world’s 101 fastest growing managed service providers.

Channel Futures is a media, marketing, communications, and networking giant in the IT industry. Of the 501 MSPs from around the globe already recognized by Channel Futures in 2021 for their innovation, technical excellence, efficiency, and client satisfaction, just 101 were selected after careful review for this special recognition.

Guardian Computer is honored to be acknowledged for our growth and scalability in the IT industry, especially since these have been goals of ours since our founding 25 years ago. “We have experienced growth, whether small or large, every single year for 25 years,” said our CEO, John Prejean.

We owe this success to our commitment to trustworthy client relationships, outstanding client results, and above-and-beyond customer service. As one of our clients, Blake Couch, the Chief Operating Officer of Legacy Environmental, puts it, “The decision to move our IT services to Guardian Computer was one of the best things we have done as a company. Not only did it take that burden off of our internal team, but it also allowed us to grow faster and easier as an organization.”

Our hardworking, dedicated team has made it all possible, allowing us to expand our business and serve clients across industries both locally and nationally. As a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, Cisco Registered Partner, and Dell EMC Authorized Partner, among others, we are always looking for opportunities to innovate and make the most of our clients’ technology. In addition to ranking as one of the fastest growing MSPs, Channel Futures has also ranked Guardian Computer #23 in its South Central regional rankings and #4 in our home state of Louisiana.

According to our CEO, the most exciting part of Guardian Computer’s future is potential growth. One especially appealing area for us is working with more private equity backed companies, which can bring with them great opportunities for networking, connection, and significant growth.

We’d like to thank Channel Futures once again for this recognition, as well as all of our clients and employees for their trust and for giving us the opportunity to achieve this success.

When it’s working well, technology can streamline operations, increase productivity, and support your business objectives. But as we become more reliant on technology, its failures can cause major issues.

Want to be proactive about your company’s technology? Check out our list of 8 major tech issues and how to prevent them to get started.

Issue #1: Failed compliance that relates to technology requirements


  • Regular vulnerability scans
  • Keeping IT systems updated
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Mapping security controls to compliance regulations in order to identify noncompliance and document compliance

Read our blog post about the top 5 concerns companies should know in 2021 for more information about failed compliance and how to avoid it.

Issue #2: Infected devices, which underperform, become difficult to use, and present a security risk


  • Antivirus and antimalware software
  • Malware detection (we recommend Malwarebytes)

Read our blog post about computer viruses and malware for more information about this threat and its warning signs.

Issue #3: Weak passwords and insecure password practices


  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Longer and more complicated passwords
  • Unique passwords for each user and each account
  • New passwords every 6 months
  • Using a password manager

Read our blog post about the top 5 concerns companies should know in 2021 for more information about password security issues and best practices.

Issue #4: Insecure network perimeter due to multiple devices and locations accessing company information


  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Using Cisco Umbrella on devices that access company data
  • Keeping antivirus software up to date on devices that access company data
  • Requiring devices that access company data to be encrypted
  • Using mobile device management software (we recommend Microsoft Intune) to monitor and manage any devices that access company data

Read our blog post about the challenges of a distributed work environment to learn more about this issue, and read our blog post about the benefits of mobile device management for more information about this solution.

Issue #5: Insider threats from current and past employees


  • Limit employee access
  • Use separation of duties
  • Establish clear security processes
  • Control onboarding and offboarding
  • Utilize data monitoring and auditing technology
  • Use a Data Loss Prevention program

Read our blog post about the top 5 concerns companies should know in 2021 for more information about insider threats and how to combat them.

Issue #6: Data loss, whether due to human error, cyberattack, or natural disaster


  • Multiple backups (daily, weekly, and monthly)
  • Multiple locations to store backups
  • Daily monitoring
  • Alerts for failed backups
  • Backing up files as well as program file data

Read our blog post about multiple backups for more information about data backup issues and best practices.

Issue #7: Inefficient IT infrastructure, which can negatively impact productivity


  • Invest in an effective firewall, wireless system, and switch (we recommend Cisco Firepower and Cisco Meraki)
  • Get an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for the switch and surge protectors for computers and other tech

Read our blog post about easy IT fixes for small businesses for more information about building a better IT infrastructure.

Issue #8: Physical damage to tech equipment from storms or accidents


  • Regular backups
  • Surge protectors
  • Storm prep, such as unplugging power cables and power strips, taking home essential computers, and moving tech away from windows, doors, and floors

Read our blog post about creating an IT hurricane preparedness plan for more information about keeping tech safe from storms.

Need Help? Contact Guardian Computer

Let our team of experts handle your IT, so you can stay focused on your business. We’re ready to help with all of these major tech issues and many more.

Contact us today to learn how Guardian Computer can help you make the most of technology.

We are excited to announce that Guardian Computer has ranked on the 2021 LSU 100.

The LSU 100 recognizes the fastest growing businesses that are owned or led by graduates of Louisiana State University. Nominees must also demonstrate integrity and reflect LSU’s values, which include holding themselves to the highest standards academically, personally, and socially, as well as acting honestly, responsibly, and compassionately.

“We are honored to be recognized for our team’s hard work, significant growth, and strong values,” said John Prejean, Guardian Computer’s CEO. “Our team is proud to serve as an example for future generations of LSU entrepreneurs.” Both John and Guardian’s President, Jean Prejean, hold bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science from LSU.

As a leading, globally recognized IT managed service provider, Guardian Computer is constantly on the lookout for new innovations in our industry and opportunities to improve our customers’ technology systems. We are a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, Cisco Registered Partner, and Dell EMC Authorized Partner, among others. In 25 years of business, we have built our reputation as a trusted partner that puts the well-being of our customers above all else. We pride ourselves on helping clients make the most of their IT.

Check out our graphic or keep reading for a testimonial from one of our clients, Lisa Bowling.

These values are the cornerstone of our success and our customers’ satisfaction. As one of our clients, Lisa Bowling of Cultivate, puts it, “My company has been using Guardian for our IT support for over a year. I have never hesitated to reach out for help as they treat every major or minor issue with the same importance. Every staff member I have encountered has been amazing. I can’t say enough nice things.”

As the name suggests, only 100 businesses are included on the LSU 100 every year. We are grateful to our clients for trusting us with their technology and making this accomplishment possible, as well as LSU for their consideration and recognition. We also thank the steadfast employees at Guardian Computer for their loyalty and tireless efforts to maintain both the technical and the human side of our business.

For more company news and insights, check out our blog and follow us on LinkedIn.